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Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers

Rainbow Activities for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

Spring is upon us, which means we’re probably going to be seeing lots of rain soon.  You may be groaning at the thought of being stuck inside on rainy days, but what happens after that rain stops is always fascinating for a preschooler.  Rainbows!  Who doesn’t love a rainbow?  Rainbows aren’t just beautiful, but can be turned into fun learning activities for your preschooler!

Rainbow Toast

Your preschooler is sure to love painting his or her breakfast!  Mix some food coloring with milk to make edible paint.  Let your little one paint a few slices of bread with the rainbow colors; reminding them not to use too much and make it soggy.  Once you have colorful bread, pop it into the toaster, add butter, and enjoy!  

Rainbow Playdough

Supply your little one with playdough in rainbow colors.  They will surely love rolling strips of the playdough and forming them into arches to make a rainbow.  This is a great fine motor activity, as well as color recognition.  Finally, encourage your little one to roll the playdough into balls and sort them into rainbow colored cups.  

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Begin by drawing a large rainbow on butcher paper or poster board.  Next, set out on a hunt throughout your house (or outside!) with your preschoolers for all the colors of the rainbow.  You can focus on one color at a time to help with color recognition.  Once your child has collected all the colors of the rainbow, he or she can line them up on the rainbow to create a rainbow of the items they collected.  

Rainbow Counting

Supply your preschooler with rainbow colored candies.  You can sort them into cups for them, allow them to sort them into cups first, or leave them mixed together and let your preschooler pick out the correct colors.  You will also need a rainbow colored paper with ten circles across each colored strip and a game die.  Your little one will choose a color, roll the die, and count the candy pieces onto the appropriate color.  For additional fine motor work, add a pair of tweezers for picking up the candy.  

Hopefully, these activities will help you and your little one get through the rainy days and enjoy the beauty of what the rain and the rainbows which follow! 

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