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Spring Break Stay-cation Ideas For Your Family

Spring Break Stay-cation Ideas For Your Family at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is almost time for Spring Break! This is a fun time for your preschooler, and it is a sign of longer daylight, with summer days following shortly behind. Just because it will look a little different this year does not mean that all hope for fun is lost! Here are some ideas for getting your preschooler to have fun and move around, both indoors and outdoors.

Sidewalk Chalk

For outdoor fun, much can be done with simple sidewalk chalk! Your child can help you draw many shapes that are sized to be big enough to stand on and see from several yards away. Then, have your child stand away from the shapes, and you call out shapes for them to run to. For example, you could say, “HEART, SQUARE,” and they run to those in that order.

You can add to the activity in any creative way. You can create an obstacle course, using miscellaneous items (like buckets, cones, pool noodles, anything you want). Using the shapes and other supplies, you and your child can make a fun course to run through. Add bubbles into the action, and there are sure to be giggles!

You can also use sidewalk chalk to make simple road lines on the sidewalk, and have your child drive on this road with a trike, scooter, etc. 

Sink or Float

A great way to get your preschooler to move around inside your home is to set up a “sink or float station.” You can use any larger-size bucket (see through is best) and fill it with water. Have your child run around to each room of your home to bring back random items to this station. Have them test the items in the water.

Masking Tape Lines

With simple masking tape, your child can help you make lots of lines around a room (or more) of your home. You can create a silly-dance-move line, a crawl-like-an-animal line, etc. Have them do the actions on each line. 

The possibilities are endless for imaginative play with these stay-cation ideas. 

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