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Teaching Preschoolers About Thanksgiving

Teaching Preschoolers About Thanksgiving at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

Did you know that lots of schools don’t teach preschool children about Thanksgiving anymore? Sit your little one down and talk to them about why we celebrate Thanksgiving—it’ll help them celebrate in a more profound and fun way!

Stay Historically Accurate

The story of the “First Thanksgiving” has become somewhat fictionalized in American culture, and it’s vital when teaching your child about the founding of the Plymouth Foundation and about Native Americans to remain accurate and respectful of all cultures included. Teach your children that many cultures have celebrated holidays of thankfulness for years, and discuss why we as Americans do it today. Talk about what a Pilgrim is—someone fleeing in order to find freedom. When discussing Native Americans, always be respectful and depict them as intelligent and diverse human beings.

Focus on Key Themes

You will want to stay “big picture” with your preschoolers. The message of Thanksgiving is that of gratitude and the beauty in different types of people coming together despite their differences. Ask your child what they are thankful for and talk about the importance of accepting all kinds of people and cultures.

Make It Applicable

What is your family’s culture and tradition? Is there meaning behind the food you eat every year? What does it mean to your family to be thankful? Tell your preschooler not only about American history, but your family’s as well.

Get Crafty

What’s the fun in teaching children about Thanksgiving without some arts and crafts? Have your child decorate a hand turkey and write down something that they’re thankful for on it. Make a wreath out of the little hand turkeys or use them as table decorations. 

However in depth you want to get with teaching your preschooler about Thanksgiving, remember that it’s always important to be educational and positive. Your child is never too young to learn about expressing gratitude and the importance of every person’s freedom.

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