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What to Look for in a Preschool

What to Look for in a Preschool at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare

When it comes to searching for the preschool to suit your child’s needs, it can feel like an impossible task. It may seem like there’s an endless list of things to consider before making this significant choice. Start off by bearing in mind these main factors to consider when choosing a preschool for your child.


Find out what schools are in your area—start with knowing the possibilities. Ask around your circle about where others have taken their children. Getting advice from those who have already succeeded in this feat is a fantastic way to both learn a lot and ease your burden. It may also help to meet with an expert, like a referral agency or school counselor.

Adult/child interaction 

Many schools will allow for you to tour the campus to get to know the staff. Bring questions you have and make sure to notice how the kids play and cooperate with the teachers. You can even bring your child with you and see how they feel about the school—do they seem excited and eager, or are you searching for something else? 

Your top priorities

Each child is unique and has individual needs—does your child thrive in a smaller classroom? Do they require specific things when it comes to what they eat and drink? Does your child need to be potty trained before beginning Pre-K? Once you know what your main needs are, it becomes easier to find these aspects in the school for you.

Time Frame

Knowing the time frame for when your child will be in school is vital to narrowing down the type of school to go to. Look at your family’s current routine. Most preschools go for a nine-month period on a weekly half-day schedule. However, if your child needs more care, some day- cares offer educational components, or some children go to pre-k for the morning and then spend time with a nanny or at a daycare. 

What does your gut say?

If something feels off, or your new preschooler’s behavior indicates more than just first-day nerves, acknowledge it. Finding the right preschool for your children is imperative to their growth and happiness, and you above all else know what they need. Keep looking until you discover the place that feels correct for your child and pushes them to learn and grow the best—you will find it, and your child will thank you later! 

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