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Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Treats for Preschool Children

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Treats for Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Northern Greensboro, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to become a little more aware of the culture in Ireland, and you can teach your preschool children about the things that the Irish people do to celebrate their heritage. You can celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with your preschooler with these fun Saint Patrick’s Day treats.


St. Patrick’s Day S’more Snack Mix is a tasty treat that you can make with your little one that incorporates the color green for the occasion. The recipe calls for popcorn, graham cereal, mini marshmallows, and a few other simple ingredients that are sure to impress!

Cookie Pops

These Saint Patrick’s Day Cookie Pops are an adorable way to tie in the leprechauns into the Irish theme. These might take a little bit more time than a regular sugar cookie, but they are well worth it! Let your child decorate the leprechaun hats and beards as you tell the story of Saint Patrick.

Clover Treats

Clover Rice Krispie Treats are a super fun treat that everyone can help with. Get the little ones stirring and mixing those ingredients, and as soon as the mixture is solid in the pan, you can use cookie cutters to make them into any shape you want! The recipe suggests making them into four-leaved clovers, but you can use any Saint Patrick Day shapes you can find. Be creative, and have fun!

As your preschool children are making these fun Saint Patrick Day treats, you can pull in the story of Saint Patrick and talk about him, his mission, and the impact he had on the Irish people. Make the stories relatable, and talk about why the clover is a significant part of the holiday and why green is the color to wear! Make education fun, and they will remember and learn more than you thought possible.

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