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Tips for Traveling With Your Preschoolers This Summer

travel tips

Summer vacation is finally here, and it’s time to take that family vacation you’ve been planning! It’s stressful to travel with just grown-ups, but adding preschoolers to the mix increases luggage, packing lists, and, well…stress! Whether you’re taking a road trip across the state or flying across the country, we have some tips for you!

Don’t overpack.

Some essentials can be acquired once you arrive at your destination! Make a packing list and assess items you can buy at your destination (example: if your preschooler isn’t potty trained yet, buy diapers or pull-ups when you arrive).

Home rental vs. Hotel Room.

Sometimes the hotel is more exciting than anything else on the trip when it comes to preschoolers! However, choosing a home rental via AirBNB or other rental apps will allow you to unpack and truly create a sense of home away from home.

Low cost is not always best.

Cheaper prices for hotels and airfare look great on paper, but you may have difficult flight connections or fewer time options that work with your child’s schedule and stimulation limits.

Activity bags.

Before you go out of town, head to a dollar store and stock up on stickers, colored pencils, paper, activity books, color-safe markers and put everything in a bag to take with you.

Plan, but don’t over plan.

If you need itineraries and preparation for any moment, make a list of potential disasters or curveballs before you even pack, and assess how you might handle these situations. However —

Have fun! Of course there will be meltdowns and unexpected curve balls thrown your way. Plan as much as you can, but ultimately, it’s the family summer experience that matters most!

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