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Safety Tips for Babies

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Keeping our babies safe is our most important job. From baby gates to electrical plugs, we focus on each thing that could bring our child harm. But focusing on everything is exhausting. And when we are exhausted and overwhelmed, we often forget the smallest, simplest detail.

Here are four tips for minimizing the overwhelm in baby safety.

1.     Cars are hot. 

Avoid googling and reading about incidents with infants left in cars. That panic will not benefit you or your children. Instead, when you put your baby in the car seat, leave something essential on the floorboard of the back seat. When wearing sandals, leave one sandal in the back. No matter how distracted you are when you reach your destination, getting out of the car with one shoe will quickly remind you to get the other! When you open that back door, you will see your baby.

2.     Homes are dangerous. 

Most accidents occur in the home. The more children we have, the less time we can devote to babyproofing. So enlist your older children to help you daily proof your home. Get down on the floor together and see the world like baby sees the world. What things are sharp? Enticing? Turn it into a game for them. See who can find any low lying coins, magnets, or plastic bags.

3.     Reminders are helpful. 

It’s okay to not remember every safety tip. Instead, make yourself reminders. Kitchen cabinets are opened when we are emptying the dishwasher, so place a note on the inside of one reading “lock dishwasher”. A note in the bathroom for yourself and visitors reminding them to close the toilet lid. Even better, remind them to close the bathroom door when they exit. 

4.     You are important. 

Your child is your priority. But as busy parents, we often prepare things for our child and take what’s remaining for ourselves. But if we are sick and down, our babies suffer too. So, grab a piece of fruit for yourself and throw it in your bag when packing up baby for an outing.

Our most important job is to keep our babies safe. But that job does not have to overwhelm us.

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