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The winter canvas, painted in whites and blues, beckons our preschoolers to ask, “Why?” and “How?”. Here’s a flurry of fun-filled snow science activities to quench their thirst for knowledge:

1. Snow Density Demonstration:

Collect snow in two cups. In one, press down to pack the snow tightly. In the other, let it remain fluffy. After a while, observe the difference in water levels once they melt. This helps in understanding density and volume.

2. Crystal Creations:

Using borax, water, and pipe cleaners, create stunning snowflake-like crystals at home. This magical transformation from a simple solution to beautiful designs introduces them to the idea of crystallization.

3. Ice Painting:

Freeze watercolor paints in ice cube trays with popsicle sticks. As your child paints on paper with these ice sticks, they’ll see how temperature affects the consistency and spread of the paint.

4. Snow Volcano:

In a snow pile, make a cavity and place a cup filled with baking soda inside. Let your child pour vinegar and watch the effervescence, leading to discussions on chemical reactions.

5. Ice Fishing:

Fill a bowl with water and ice cubes. Provide your child with a string and salt. By placing the string on ice and sprinkling salt, they can “fish” out ice cubes, demonstrating how salt affects ice’s melting point.


Snow and ice, with their mystical charm, are nature’s classroom for our little learners. Through these interactive experiments, science becomes an enjoyable, tangible experience, sowing the seeds of lifelong curiosity and wonder.

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