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Tips for Successful Nap Time Routine Your Preschooler

Having a successful nap time routine is essential for your preschooler’s health and development. A good nap routine can help your child get the rest they need to be alert and ready to play and learn for the rest of the day. Here are some nap time tips to help you and your preschooler have a successful and restful nap routine.

Limit food and drinks before bed

Some children become sleepy when they have a full tummy, but every child is different. For some preschoolers, eating and drinking close to nap time can make it harder for them to relax, especially if those foods and drinks contain sugar! Try limiting snacks and drinks in the hour before nap time to see if this has a positive effect on their sleep. 

Establish a consistent nap time routine

Our bodies recognize and respond to routine. Your child’s body does too! You and your preschooler can go through the same routine each day before naps; this will help them recognize when it’s time for sleep! Parts of this routine can include changing into pajamas, brushing teeth, reading a story, singing a song, and getting tucked in. 

Be flexible

It is difficult as a busy parent to stay flexible when it comes to nap time, but if your preschooler is still having trouble napping, don’t be afraid to listen to their needs and adjust the routine accordingly. Try different things to help them wind down, such as taking a warm bath or doing some light stretching! Try different ways of soothing your child – rubbing their back, brushing their hair, rocking them in a rocking chair – and see what they prefer.

Nap time can be a challenge for parents and preschoolers alike. But with the right strategies and routine, your preschooler can look forward to naps and transition into a peaceful sleep! Limiting snacks and drinks before nap time, establishing a consistent nap time routine, and being flexible are all great ways to help your preschooler get the rest and relaxation they need. 

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