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    Helping Preschoolers Understand Veterans Day

    Helping Preschoolers Understand Veterans Day at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

    While adults know much about Veterans Day, it is easy to forget that preschoolers need ample opportunities to learn about this special national holiday, too. It is all too easy to forget the holiday is upcoming until it is actually Veterans Day!

    Here are a few ideas for how to proactively prepare and teach your preschooler about Veterans Day:
    1. Pick out a Veterans Day book that is geared for young children. There are many options (either at your public library or favored bookstore). One idea is a book by Grace Houser called Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day. It is designed for children ages 4-8 and teaches thankfulness for our veterans. Great photography and child-friendly explanations are included. 
    2. Do specific coloring activities with your child. For example, M.A. Shohid has a “Veterans Day Coloring Book for Kids Aged 4-8.” You and your child can work on coloring projects together, and you can then pick and choose what to discuss from this coloring book. 
    3. Once you have read an informative book and looked through coloring pages with your child, you could ask a veteran who is a friend or acquaintance to be a one-time “pen pal” with your child. You and your child can come up with a few questions to ask the veteran and then have your preschooler draw the veteran a picture. Then, you could mail the drawing, the questions (that you can handwrite), and a self-addressed stamped return envelope to the veteran. It will be exciting for your child when the veteran replies. 
    4. In advance, choose a kid-friendly YouTube video that will be brief, interesting, and informative. One example is put out by PBS KIDS, and it is called PBS Learning Media |Veteran’s Day | PBS KIDS. The length is just over one minute; so it is a quick history lesson that ends with the concept of showing thankfulness to veterans. 

    You and your preschooler can spend time together learning about Veterans Day, and this will be memorable in more ways than one. 

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