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Helping Preschoolers Upcycle Their Halloween Pumpkins

Helping Preschoolers Upcycle Their Halloween Pumpkins at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

The spooky holiday is over, but you are left with a few pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns haunting your house.  Your preschooler may be reluctant to tell her round orange prizes goodbye.  Luckily, there are ways to repurpose those pumpkins before your preschooler has to say her final goodbyes. 

Feed the Wildlife

Pumpkin is a safe and healthy snack for many animals in the wild.  It is also an easy treat you can prepare for them with your preschooler.  Simply cut the pumpkin into large chunks and leave in areas of your yard.  Once you have left the tasty orange treats for the wildlife to enjoy, find a quiet place to watch as the critters come to enjoy their snack.  This also lends an opportunity for your preschooler to learn about the different animals that live in your area and how to respect them and their habitat.  Alternatively, you can take the pumpkins to a local farm or wildlife refuge for the animals to enjoy.  

Pumpkin Bowling

This activity may take a bit more preplanning, as you need ten empty plastic bottles.  Weigh the bottles down with water or rice and arrange them like bowling pins.  Play a friendly game of pumpkin bowling with your preschooler!  If you’d like to make this a learning activity, add numbers to the bottles.  You can ask your preschooler which number she knocked down or count the ones down or still standing.  

Bird Feeder

Cut your pumpkin in half horizontally.  If you haven’t already removed the seeds, remove the seeds and set them aside to dry.  Add bird seed to the bottom half of the pumpkin.  You can insert thick wooden skewers or wooden dowels for the birds to use as a perch, but use caution as these can be dangerous for your preschooler!  Once the pumpkin seeds are dry, you can add them to the bird seed mix.  Set your pumpkin outside and do some bird watching with your curious little one!  

Fall Collage 

If you haven’t carved or cut into your pumpkin, your preschooler and you can turn it into a festive fall decoration.  Collect leaves, acorns, pine cones, and any other decorations that remind your child of the season.  Have your preschooler direct you in hot gluing the pieces onto the pumpkin.  This is a great activity for language development and using prepositions.  

Hopefully, you have found an idea or two to upcycle those Halloween pumpkins so your preschooler can enjoy them a bit longer!  

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