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The Benefits of Befriending Your Preschooler’s Teacher

The Benefits of Befriending Your Preschooler’s Teacher at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

The beginning of a new school year likely means a new teacher for your precious preschooler.  This can be exciting and stressful at the same time.  Part of a good parent-teacher relationship is getting to know each other a little bit and will help the school year go smoother.  

Attend Events

Attending back to school events is one of the best ways to get to know your preschooler’s new teacher.  By attending this event, you and your preschooler can begin building a relationship with the teacher, which will make the first day of school less stressful.  Take some time to jot down a few questions you may have for the teacher.  Try to focus on the classroom environment, as opposed to her as a person.  You will have a better feel for how she runs her classroom and how to help your child adjust to a new school year.  These questions may include:

  • What is your behavior management plan?
  • How can I support you at home?
  • What skills does my preschooler need to master by the end of the year? 
  • How do you assess student progress?


Asking your child’s teacher to fill out a questionnaire of her favorite things will help you get to know her as an individual.  There are sure to be times throughout the year in which you want to treat your preschooler’s teacher and this list will ensure you treat her with things she loves.  A few suggestions for the questionnaire include:  favorite candy, favorite snack, favorite coffee drink or other drink, favorite scents, and whether or not she collects anything.  

Get Involved

Volunteer to help in your preschooler’s classroom.  This may include chaperoning field trips, planning and helping with class parties, reading a book aloud to the class once a month, or helping do small tasks, such as organize the class library or prepare crafts for the coming weeks.  This will help take some of the load off your child’s teacher and give you some time to spend with her to get to know her better.  

Getting to know your preschooler’s teacher will definitely make you, your preschooler, and the teacher feel more at ease this school year.  Take a bit of time and effort to build a healthy, cooperative relationship for a successful school year!  

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