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Starting Your Back-to-Preschool Routines

Starting Your Back-to-Preschool Routines at Kids 'r' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

One of the great things about summer is not having to follow a strict routine. You can stay up late, sleep in, and lounge in your pajamas until noon. However, preschool is starting soon, and you may be thinking about how you will get everyone ready and out the door in the mornings. For the best possible outcome, it is good to begin introducing your family’s school routine prior to the first day. 


The night before the first day of preschool is not the day to try an early bedtime. You should begin your school routine two or three weeks before school actually starts. Get out your calendar, and mark it down; otherwise, it will probably sneak up on you. They may toss and turn or fight an earlier bedtime; or they may have difficulty waking up earlier than normal. However, beginning your bedtime routine a few weeks early will help them be better adjusted on the first day of school.


Read books, talk about what school was like when you were younger, or ask them questions about what they expect. Every school is different, but circle time, listening to stories, participating in learning centers, and coloring are all common experiences. If your child has never visited the preschool, see if you can set up a time for them to visit. Even if they have attended the preschool before, they may have a new teacher or be in a different classroom.


It is to be expected that three- and four-year-olds still need help throughout the day. However, they will be gaining more independence in preschool. If they are not used to cleaning up after meals, choosing their clothes for the day, or getting dressed independently, now is the time to start doing those things.

Preschool may be weeks away, but do what you can now to set yourself up for success. Prepare meals, fill backpacks, and choose clothes the night before. Then establish a good bedtime routine. Mornings are often the hardest, so get in the habit of doing as much as you can the night before. Wake your child up at the time they will need to wake for school. Practice your morning routine for weeks before the first day. You got this!

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