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Simplifying Thanksgiving for Your Preschool Child

Simplifying Thanksgiving for Your Preschool Child at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, childcare

These days, the holiday season can be pure information overload, and at no time is this more prevalent than at Thanksgiving. In the midst of fall decorations, pumpkin spice lattes, and anecdotal references to the historical Pilgrims, it is easy to lose sight of where the story of Thanksgiving ends and the holiday marketing schemes begin. Now imagine how your preschooler must feel deciphering this mess!

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on how to introduce Thanksgiving to your child if you’re desiring to make it about more than food.

Start With the Story

The original story of Thanksgiving is actually pretty straightforward and telling it will go a long way towards explaining the holiday. Ultimately, you know your kid, if their curiosity is rarely satisfied, then dish out the details. Here is a link to an accurate, historical account.

Simply put, Thanksgiving is just a story of a good man taking care of others who needed help. Turn story time into an opportunity to teach your preschooler the importance of goodwill and kindness. 

Focus on your Family

Once your preschooler understands why they don’t have to go to school, then discuss the idea of THANKSgiving. Show how thankful you are for them, for the food on the table, and for the space to just spend time together. Whether or not they get all the big concepts, they will remember the quality time together. Memories are the sweetest part of the holidays and will last whether or not you burn the turkey!

Make Traditions of your Own

In the end, Thanksgiving is different for everyone. If your typical Thanksgiving is a big meal with family, do that! If it means a picnic or a breakfast in bed, do that! What your preschooler will remember are the things you all do together as a family. 

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