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Fun Basketball Games with Kids

Fun Basketball Games with Kids at Kids 'R' Kids New Territory, preschool, daycare, learning academy, preschool

What better way to enjoy some springtime sunshine than by playing sports as a family? Whether your home is already filled with basketball fans or you’re hoping to introduce a new sport to your preschool kids, we have a handful of boredom-busting basketball games that will keep your family active and engaged. 


For this game, you need two or more players and one basketball. One player attempts a shot, and if they score, the second player must duplicate the same shot. If the first player misses their shot, the second player gets a chance to score. Each time a player misses an attempted duplicate shot, they earn a letter from the world HORSE. The game is finished once one person accumulates all five letters. 

Musical Basketballs

This game requires four or more players and provides a great opportunity to get your preschool child’s friends involved. Players should walk in a circle dribbling a ball as a song plays in the background. When the song stops, each player shoots his or her ball in an attempt to score. Once a player makes a basket, they can sit down. The last player standing is out of the game. Continue until all players but one are out. You have a winner! 

Teach the Fundamentals

Teach your children about the different types of scoring shots (layups, free throws, jump shots) and have them practice different drills. Dribbling drills and one-on-one scrimmaging are perfect for helping your children improve their skills.

Go to a game!

Another way to teach your kids about basketball is by taking them to a live game. Whether you go to a professional NBA game or head to a public, free game at a local high school, the exhilarating atmosphere, music, lights, and cheering crowd will have your children eager to hit the court and keep practicing. 

Encourage your kids to do their best, continue practicing and have fun this month as they explore their newfound interest in basketball. 

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