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How to Enjoy Summer Indoors with Preschool Children

How to Enjoy Summer Indoors with Preschool Children at Kids 'R' Kids Missouri City, preschool, daycare, childcare

When summer time arrives, preschoolers will love to spend their day in the sun. Here are some fun ideas to keep them happy indoors when the sun is just too hot to bear. If your little one just insists on staying outside, you can always put up a hammock in the shade, but try to use these activities to keep them safe from sunburn.

Play carpet lava with your preschooler.

This game seems to be naturally present in the brains of all preschoolers. Almost all kids play this at some point in their lives without being taught! Encourage your little one to leap from spot to spot while avoiding pillows and toys that are scattered randomly on the floor. If you’re playing outside, bring out folded picnic blankets to spread out as safe havens from the “lava.”

Preschoolers love to pop bubbles.

Be ready to blow bubbles for hours on end. Preschoolers rarely get tired of popping bubbles that float through the air, and you’ll probably hear “blow a big one!” more times than you care to. Invest in a bubble machine if your little one really appreciates the art of bubble-popping. The giggles and squeals from your child will be well worth it.

Paper airplanes and finger paint fun for your preschooler

Paper airplanes and finger painting are two things that won’t fail to bring a fun time with your preschooler. Find cool ways to fold your paper airplanes, and try out different styles to see which flies farthest! Use finger paint to decorate your paper airplanes with your little one’s favorite colors, and let your planes fly with style.

If you try all of these and your preschoolers get a little too antsy to stay inside, just turn on the water sprinklers, and fill up some water balloons to enjoy short bursts of time in the sun together.

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