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Coronovirus Precautions

Working hard to keep your family healthy


We will maintain and expand safety measures in accordance with DECAL rules and CDC guidelines: 

  • Drop off and pick-up at the door: Parents will be required to affirm that their child has had no fever, shortness of breath, or cough.  All children’s temperatures will be checked at the door.  Children with a temperature greater than 100 or with flushed cheeks, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue or unusual fussiness cannot be dropped off or allowed to remain at school.  The same restriction applies to children whose family members exhibit these symptoms.
  • Temperature / Wellness Checks: All children and employees temperatures and symptoms will be checked daily.
  • Toy Restrictions: All “soft” furniture, toys, etc. that cannot be easily disinfected will be removed from all classrooms.  Infant/Toddler toys will be sanitized and stored out of reach in a “clean” bin.  Clean toys will be given to infants sparingly and one at a time.  Once a child is done with a toy, it will be placed in a “dirty” bin which contains approved sanitizing solution to soak according to sanitizing procedures.
  • Toy and manipulative rotations: Toys and manipulatives in preschool classrooms will be limited and will be available in “shifts”. Morning items will be collected mid morning and sanitized during naptime and mid-day items put out.  Mid day items will be collected at afternoon snack time and afternoon toys put out.
  • Flooring and Rugs: We eliminated carpeting at both locations last year.  We have wall to wall Mohawk commercial laminate which is easy to clean and sanitize.  We will remove most area rugs in all classrooms to maximize the cleanliness of the floor.  The floors may not look as colorful and inviting until this is over, but they will be clean!
  • Bleach Brigade: We will have a team whose sole duty is to continuously sanitize all surfaces, door handles, faucets, toilet handles, keyboards and mice, smart board, classroom furniture, iPads, desks – anything touched by children and/or employees.  They will also be the ones who collect, sanitize, and then re-stock classroom toys and manipulatives throughout the day.
    • Bleach diluted to CDC specifications or other sanitizers on the CDC list will be used to spray paper towels and used to sanitize surfaces and items described above. Sanitizers will not be used near children, nor left out, nor will surfaces be left wet.
    • Bleach diluted to CDC specifications or other childcare approved sanitizers on the CDC list will be used to sanitize toys and manipulatives. All sanitizing will be done outside of the classrooms and/or completely out of reach of children.
    • Cleaning schedules and checklists will be posted in all areas to ensure no area is missed and procedures are being followed
  • Handwashing: Handwashing will practically be a religion.  We will install hand washing stations outside and will wash hands before entering the building.  Hands will be washed throughout the day.

We are communicating with our enrolled families on our extensive coronavirus plan as well as encouraging individuals to keep up to date with reliable sources.

CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
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Providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care and for your peace of mind.