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KRK Milton and Crabapple Teachers and Staff are hard at work to provide your children with on-going learning activities while they are away from the classroom. We sincerely hope that you find value in our Distance Learning Program.    

Please scroll down to review the list of resources available to you and your children during this time. Each description contains link to additional information or instructions.

Please for give any errors, we will be updating daily – I am certainly no web designer!
– Rich Kernan

Curriculum-At-Home Packets Our Teachers are hard at work each day converting our traditional weekly in-class curriculum to Curriculum-At-Home packets.  Each weekly packet includes 10 educational activities, 1 KRK BrainWaves activity, worksheets, and all of the instructions and materials needed.  As you can imagine, preparing nearly 200 packets per week takes a lot of time and energy, so please keep the great feedback coming!

Each day, we produce videos starring our teachers and post to our KRK YouTube Channel!  In them, your children can watch their (or another) teacher demonstrate a Curriculum-At-Home activity, reading a story, conducting circle time, or just singing a song.  Other videos include: music and movement, cooking, and fun games such as Bear Hunt!  Our Music teacher adds weekly music videos and End Zone adds weekly exercise and fitness.  We have ~75 videos so far and add more each day!
Kids ‘R’ Kids has collaborated with ABC Mouse to align on-line learning with our traditional teacher-led curriculum.

Each week, your children will be “assigned” 15 fun lessons which correspond to the weekly Curriculum-At-Home packets.  You also have access to the entire ABC Mouse library of over 9,000 activities.

We are providing free access to ABC Mouse for all families with children 3 and up!  Click here to for login instructions.

It’s NEVER too early to learn the joy of webinars!!  We have been conducting virtual classroom activities, teacher greeting, happy birthday songs, etc via Zoom this week.  Beginning next week, we will publish a regular schedule for each age group to join their teachers and classmates in a fun interactive Zoom webinar.  Click here for KRK Zoom.