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What You Can Do to Celebrate “Have a Party with Your Bear Day” with Your Preschooler

What You Can Do to Celebrate “Have a Party with Your Bear Day” with Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids of Mableton, childcare, daycare, children

Have a Party with Your Bear Day is around the corner again, and it’s time to celebrate with your preschooler! Showing them that you have as much enthusiasm for their favorite stuffed friend as they do is a great way to validate your child’s instincts to love and care for what’s close to them. Plus, it’s a great excuse to break out of the everyday routine and play. Here are some ideas of what to do this year: 

Teddy Bear Tea Party.

Grab a few stuffed friends and seat them around your table. Pass out the saucers and pour the tea (or hot cocoa if tea isn’t your thing), and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing a drink and light snacks with the people (and plushies) you love most. 

Go on a Walk.

Getting outdoors is a great way to teach your child about nature. They can explore the trails with their bear and show it what the outside of the house looks like. 

Go to a Museum.

A museum is a great place to learn about different cultures and history. Your child can explore the exhibits with their stuffed animal and learn something new. 

Go to a Concert.

A concert is a great way to enjoy music together. Your child can dance along with their stuffed animal or sing along to their favorite songs. 

Go to a Movie.

A movie is a great way to relax and enjoy some time together. Your child can snuggle up with their stuffed animal and watch their favorite film. This doesn’t have to be at a movie theater, but a fun, bear-related movie is recommended. 

Have fun this bear day by starting one (or many) of the above traditions. Who knows– you may even want this holiday to be a holiday that “happens” at your house more than once a year! 

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