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Now that we’ve been instructed to be at home for the unforeseeable future, it’s important for the health and wellbeing of your family to stay active.  It’s not just about getting exercise and clearing your mind, but also to help your family connect and bond during your time together.

Ways to stay active as a family:

  • Step up your walk. Don’t just go for a walk; get creative with your activities!  Make it a nature scavenger hunt, play I Spy or Red Light, Green Light. Find a green space, creek or trail near your home and let adventure be your guide!  Take turns letting each member of the family lead the way.
  • Create your own skill’s camp. If your child’s sport practice-schedule has been temporarily canceled, spend time at home practicing drills to improve their skills.  Use some lawn chairs for an obstacle course and have your child run the course or dribble a soccer ball around the chairs. Biking and running short races with your kids can also help build their endurance for their sport.
  • Dance all night long! Well maybe not all night long.  After dinner, turn the lights out, break out the flash lights and turn up the music!  Have glow sticks left over from Halloween?  Even better! Put on your favorite music and set the theme for the night.  Dance through the 80’s and 90’s on your favorite streaming service.
  • Join your favorite workout. Many gyms and fitness centers have provided workout videos for their members.  Invite the whole family to participate in your daily workouts.  Or, set your child up for a daily yoga session with Cosmic Kids Yoga.  They’ll love getting to experience their favorite movies through yoga with Jamie!

Don’t spend your days glued to your desk chair while you are home.  Use these activities to stay active as a family!