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The good news is that everyone is facing a challenge or stress during this time of social distancing.  The bad news?  Everyone is facing a challenge or stress during social distancing.  If you typically experience anxiety during stressful times, this period of time at home can be especially taxing.  Remember to take time to manage your own stress and anxiety while helping your family to thrive at home.

Spend time outside.
As long as the weather is nice, make sure to get out of your home at least once a day.  This will significantly reduce your tension and allow you to take a break. Breathe in the fresh air while you go out for a family walk or exercise.

Turn off the news.
Whether you read news on your phone or watch it on tv, removing the cause of your stress may be the best strategy for reducing your anxiety symptoms.  Limit the time spent on social media and spend more time focusing on connecting with your family and friends.

Connect with family.
Just because you are isolated at home, does not mean you have to be isolated from your support network.  Take advantage of video chats, where you both can catch up on your day or play games.  Get creative and host a family game night of Charades over a video chat, or let your kids play Guess Who with their grandparents.

Find time for self-care.
At least once a week, block off “down time” on your work calendar and don’t schedule any meetings.  Use that time for your own self-care; do yoga, take a hot bath, meditate, journal or make lists—whatever helps you release the stress you are experiencing.

Give yourself grace.
Remember that everyone’s life has been upended during this pandemic.  No one is managing their schedule perfectly.  We need grace, and others need us to extend it.  If it seems the day is falling apart, switch it up and turn on your kids’ favorite movie.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Use these strategies to help you manage your stress level and don’t take your schedule too seriously.  Ultimately, it’s important to make sure you and your family stay healthy, both mentally and physically.