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Tips to Start the New School Year on the Right Foot

Tips to Start the New School Year on the Right Foot at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Whether this is your child’s first time attending preschool or they are returning for another year, starting a new school year can be both exciting and frightening. Here are a few tips to help your preschooler ease into school without feeling overwhelmed. Help your child start this year on the right foot and make going to school a positive experience. 

Prepare for Separation

It is perfectly normal for children (and even some parents) to experience separation anxiety. You have spent so much time together, and now you will spend parts of your day away from each other. It most likely is not the first time you have ever left your child, so remind them that school is only for a few hours and you will be back to get them soon. Some parents send a comfort object from home with their child to school – like a book to share, a love note, a small pillow, or a small trinket. Remember that separation is a process. On the first day, make a quick exit. Comfort your little one, and then move on quickly. Some children may cry, but preschool teachers are used to dealing with issues like this, and they will help your child get through it.  

Prepare for School

Help your preschooler look forward to the new school year! In the weeks leading up to school, ask questions and get them talking about new teachers and new friends. School can be an exciting time, so point out the good things to look forward to at school. Books are also a great way to get the conversation going about school. Pete the Cat, Curious George, the Pout Pout Fish, and more beloved picture book characters have books dealing with the first days of school. Next, let your child check out the new classroom and meet the new teacher ahead of time. If there is a meet the teacher or orientation, make sure you and your child attend. Finally, going shopping for school supplies can create a sense of excitement. After picking out a backpack, snacks, or whatever supplies are on the list you received from the school, talk about the items at home and what your child will get to do with them at school. Parents can make a huge impact on their child’s attitude towards school!

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