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Outer Space Activities Preschoolers Will Love

Outer Space Activities Preschoolers Will Love at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

Rockets, asteroids, moons, planets…what’s not to love about the solar system?  Preschoolers are naturally drawn to the subject.  Why not try some of these activities to satisfy their interest?

Memorize a catchy saying or song together

There are dozens of techniques available for learning the names of the planets together.  Some are appealing sentences or poems.  Others are songs with lyrics put to familiar tunes.  Find one together and memorize it for fun!

Create a space shuttle

No, not a real one, a cardboard box one.  Let your child design the outside of it with art supplies.  Then, help him find some disposable items to glue to the outside like aluminum pie plates or any other shiny object you don’t need to keep around.  Fashion the flaps of the box into wings and let his imagination soar with him into the galaxy!

Visit a museum

You may be fortunate enough to live in an area that has a science or space museum or attraction nearby.  What an incredible way to get a more hands-on, real-life experience of the solar system!  Many museums offer special discounted or free days throughout the year, so be sure to check regularly.  If you do not live near a science or space museum, that’s ok!  By doing a little research online, you may be able to find a virtual tour to take or maybe watch an interview with a real astronaut or many other space related things.  Take advantage of the technology right in your house!

Read books about astronauts and space

This one might sound a little dull to some people, but children love visiting the library and investigating all the books.  The children’s section should have several books about outer space.  Make sure you borrow a variety of fiction and nonfiction picture books to enjoy together. 

Whether you just want to try one of these ideas, try them all, or come up with more of your own, have a BLAST exploring outer space with your toddler!

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