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Preschooler Summer Bucket List

Preschooler Summer Bucket List at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, childcare, daycare

Preschoolers may not know what an official summer bucket list is, but they most certainly do want the fun that comes with a bucket list! Thankfully, you do not have to spend a lot of money to bring about an enjoyable summer vacation. Here are some free or inexpensive ideas to get your preschooler excited for the summer.

Enjoy water play!

If there is space where you live, you can fill up a wading pool and throw in bath toys or bath paint for your child to play with in the pool. If there is no space for a pool, you can fill buckets with water and soap and have your child “wash” some of their outdoor toys. 

Take advantage of free reading incentives! 

You can check your local library for a summer reading program. Many reading programs offer different and multiple prizes throughout the process.

Take small road trips! 

There is no reason to go far, as you can enjoy nearby lakes, rivers, or ponds. If getting in this water is not preferred, you can enjoy area trails that are near the pond’s water.

Visit many parks! 

Over the summer months, you can visit the public school playgrounds. See how many different school and public parks you can enjoy. You can then discuss which parks were your preschooler’s favorite and why. 

Enjoy ice cream dates!

Whether it is at a local ice cream shop or just eating a popsicle on your front porch with your child, enjoying a cold treat together will certainly bring a smile to your preschooler’s face this summer. 

Incorporate lots of art!

Either indoors or outdoors, there is plenty of crafting to be done! Your preschooler may enjoy sidewalk chalk outdoors or oil pastel crayons inside. 

Many memories can be made without too much preparation or expense. The time you spend with your preschooler will be what counts in the long run. 

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