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“I’m Bored” Activities for Your Preschooler

“I’m Bored” Activities for Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Landstar, preschool, daycare, childcare

It is inevitable.  The two words no parent wants to hear. Everyone hears them at some point. “I’m bored!”  As a parent, there are different ways to approach this.

One widely held belief is that boredom is good for kids.  Yes, you read that right, it is GOOD for them.  It is during periods of boredom that children are stretched into being resourceful and creating their own fun.  For some, it could be playing in dirt with sticks and rocks or going on an adventure in the backyard using their imagination.  For others, it could be a time to be artistic or musical and find a hidden talent. Boredom is not bad, so if you do not feel the need to find something for them to do, that is fine!

Another way of handling boredom is to offer your preschooler “jobs” to do.  It may or may not be helpful to you right away because jobs take guidance, time to master, and always need to be inspected; however, taking the time to teach him to do things while he is young will be extremely helpful in the future.  Some suggestions would be to collect all the household towels and take them to the laundry room, or helping a younger sibling put toys away.  Toddlers are great at picking things off the floor (like crumbs in the kitchen) and can be taught to use a handheld brush and dustpan.

One idea is to create a “Bored Jar” with many different activities suggested inside.  The child can draw a piece of paper and do that activity when he claims to be bored.  Maybe it is playing with chalk, blowing bubbles, doing puzzles, watching a video that encourages exercise or movement, etc.  It could also be an odd job around the house.  You know your child best, so use your imagination! 

Finally, there are many ways you can go about trying to bust boredom, but sometimes just a few minutes with you is all your child really needs!

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