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Summer Camp 2020 at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Lake Conroe!

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Kids ‘R’ Kids of Lake Conroe is excited to present this year’s summertime camp celebration…Focus on Fun! Summer Camp 2020 offers everything from retro to on-trend encounters that are anything but basic…while paving the way for families to reconnect at any dinner table. Focus on Fun will help campers join the next generation of leaders by forming friendships built on trust, giving back to the community with passion, and building character with confidence.

Our Exclusive Fast Track Curriculum® for Preschool

Our preschoolers are on an accelerated track to acquire literacy and cognitive skills through our standards-driven, play-based Curriculum. They are immersed in an abundance of hands-on, multisensory activities designed to advance learning. Preschoolers thrive in orderly, well-organized classrooms with schedules that allow for a balance of active and quiet activities.

All subject areas are covered in the Fast Track Curriculum® so preschoolers experience language arts, science, math, social studies, health and physical education. They participate in whole-group, teacher-directed and skills-building learning experiences. These skills are further defined during independent, child-led learning station activities while the teachers are interacting to reinforce the learning acquired during whole group activities.