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Homemade Instruments for Preschoolers

Homemade Instruments for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Keller, preschool, daycare, childcare

One of the most fun and stimulating ways to entertain your preschooler is through music, but we cannot always afford to spend money on things like new instruments.  Fortunately, with a little creativity, we can make our own instruments that are just as fun and way more meaningful!


Gather an empty can, a piece of cloth big enough to cover the opening of the can, a hot glue gun, two sticks, and decorating supplies.  Remove labels, clean, and dry the can.  Use the hot glue gun to attach the cloth over the opening.  Make sure the opening is completely covered.  After the glue cools, decorate the outside of the can.  Use the sticks to pat your own rhythm on your new drum!


You will need two empty Easter eggs, tape, two popsicle sticks, and some beads or dry beans.  Put the beans/beads inside the eggs and close completely.  Tape the eggs closed and attach the popsicle sticks with tape. Voila! You have your own maracas!  If you want to make them more attractive, try wrapping washi tape around the outside.


To make your flute, you will need scissors or a razor blade, a paper towel tube, and a small round piece of cardboard and tape.  Take the small round piece of cardboard and tape it over or inside the top of the tube.  Carefully, using scissors or razor blade, make a mouthpiece towards the top of the tube and a line of holes further down the tube.  Decorate it if you would like, and start making music!


You can create a guitar with a cereal box, cardboard tube, duct tape, and some rubber bands.  First, cut a tube sized hole on the top of the box and another larger hole in the front of the cereal box.  Next, put the tube into the top hole and tape in place.  Cut slits in the top of the tube for the rubber bands to fit into.  Then, wrap the rubber bands around the box and into the slits at the top of the tube.  Finally, tape them in place at the bottom of the box and at the top of the tube.  Enjoy!

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