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Ending Summer on a High Note with Your Preschooler

Ending Summer on a High Note with Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Johns Creek Parkway, preschool, daycare, childcare

As crazy as time seems to fly, it is almost time for the new preschool year to start! Is your preschooler ready yet? Thankfully, there is still time left to make a few summer memories with your child. Here are four ways to end summer on a high note with your preschooler. 

Pack in the park playtime!

Whether your preschooler enjoys sliding or swinging, you can grab any last opportunities to play at different parks. You can also bring bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls, and picnic food to extend the fun!

Enjoy a variety of water play opportunities.

Maybe your preschooler enjoys swimming or dipping toes in the local pond. Perhaps your friends have a lawn with a sprinkler system. Thankfully, there are also other water play ideas that do not require any fancy trips or equipment. For example, your preschooler can dip or crush sidewalk chalk in a bowl of water. You can then use this new watercolor medium to create art. Yet another fun idea is letting your child crush ice with a mallet. 

Create a scavenger hunt, using your preschooler’s favorite stuffed animal.

You can make up a fun scavenger hunt where your preschooler must use a favorite stuffed animal to help solve the puzzles. If scavenger hunts are not your thing, you can choose a couple of random places (your preschooler’s favorite park, the library, etc) and take your preschooler and the favorite stuffed animal along for the ride. When you get to the locations, take a few fun picture poses with your child and stuffed animal. 

Stay up late one more time with your preschooler. 

Before the school year is just a week away (because you may want to start resuming a school year bedtime at that point), you can have a stay-up-late night with your preschooler. You could have a movie/snack night or have a camp out in the family room. 

School will be here soon enough. For now, enjoy ending the summer on a high note with your preschooler!

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