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Winter Crafts for Preschoolers

Winter Crafts for Preschoolers at Kids 'R' Kids Johns Creek Parkway, preschool, daycare, childcare

Winter can be a magical time for preschool students! With all the holidays and decorations, family time and gift-giving, what’s not to love? We know that winter days can seem to just wear on forever. However, you can take advantage of the extra time you get to share with your preschooler over the holiday break (or just an ordinary weekend) by doing some fun winter crafts together!

Handprint and Footprint Art

Why not keep those little hands busy by doing some fun handprint art? These adorable polar bears are easy and fun to make! Simply cover your child’s hand with white washable paint, and carefully have him press down his hand on a piece of construction paper with his fingers spread apart just a bit.  Then, turn the page so the palm is on top and the fingers point down. The thumb makes the bear’s head, and the fingers form the legs. When the paint dries, use a marker to draw some simple details for the face and paws of the polar bear. 

Now, slip off your preschooler’s socks and get ready to make a footprint snowman! Your child will be squealing with delight as you paint the bottom of his foot in white washable paint. Once the bottom of his foot is coated in white, help him to carefully place it on a piece of blue construction paper. Press down gently and then remove his foot to reveal his footprint. Turn the paper around so that the toes are at the bottom and the heel is at the top. After the paint has had time to dry, use different colors of paint or markers to add a face, arms, buttons, a hat, you name it! Dress your little snowman however you’d like. If you want to get even more creative, you can use yarn, string, buttons, and other 3D objects to complete your snowman. You can use this as a special home decoration or turn it into a card and send it off to Grandma! 

All Things Fluffy

Preschoolers LOVE to handle things—especially soft, fluffy things! So, pull out the pom-poms, and cotton balls for this project.  We are making snow hats! Cut a large circle into a white piece of paper. Cut the circles in half to make two pieces (or use this template). These will be your two snow hats. Now, let your preschooler design his hat however he wants with crayons. When he is finished, apply glue to the bottom (straight) edge of the hat and attach cotton balls/pom-poms. Stick one more at the very top to make a nice fluffy ball, and you have a snow hat!

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