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Preschoolers and Giving Gifts

Preschoolers and Giving Gifts at Kids 'R' Kids Johns Creek Parkway, preschool, daycare, childcare

We have entered the season of giving, and it’s never too early to teach your child how to give. From presents to charity, don’t think that your preschooler can’t have a part in learning about a generous spirit. Here are ways to discuss gift giving and why having the right attitude is so important.

The Why

The first step to properly imparting a generous nature in your child is to explain why we give gifts. It’s not to get a gift back in return or “because Mom said so,” it’s because you want to. Tell your preschooler how pleased it makes you to give them a gift—how you enjoy the way they get excited when they open a gift they’ve been wanting. Don’t they want to do that for someone else as well?

The Way

It’s vital to include the concept of thoughtfulness when gift giving with your child. Take your preschooler shopping with you when you go pick out gifts for family and friends, and don’t be afraid let them help. Ask them, “Do you think they would like this? Why? What do you think we should get them?” You’d be surprised at what your kiddos can come up with when they get to pick out gifts, and a lot of the time, they have excellent ideas you never would’ve considered.

The What

Not every gift has to be pricey or flashy—homemade gifts or inexpensive items are just as precious as anything else. Instill in your child that a sense of value doesn’t come from a price tag, but from the intention of the gift. Make homemade gifts for their classmates, or take the time to write a heartfelt card with your preschooler.

The Who

The last thing you can communicate to your preschooler is that gifts come in all shapes and sizes—this includes giving your time or your efforts. Give the gift of volunteering this year by picking a cause together. Does your little one love animals? Volunteer together at the animal shelter—the holidays are a hectic time for many animal shelters, and there are programs where even small children can lend a hand. Donate toys or presents to organizations that specifically serve to help low income families or orphanages. The possibilities to give back are endless!

When you teach your preschooler about thoughtfulness and the value of helping others, they will never look at gifts the same way again. Take the time this winter to make an impact on your little one—and they’ll continue to impact others for the rest of their lives.

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