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Helping Preschoolers Establish a Bedtime Routine

Helping Preschoolers Establish a Bedtime Routine at Kids 'R' Kids Johns Creek Parkway, preschool, daycare, childcare, learning academy

Creating a bedtime routine for your child can be either a simple or very complex task! Trying to balance healthy sleeping habits, comfort, and keeping your preschooler happy can run smoothly in some households, but for others it can be quite intimidating. However, with these three recommendations you can work to establish a bedtime schedule for your child that is both fun and simple. 

Good timing is important 

It is critical to make sure that your child is going to sleep early enough and that this time remains consistent throughout the week. Good sleep leads to your little one getting the rest they need to excel in school and other everyday activities. Make sure to begin their entire bedtime routine early enough to where things are not rushed or stressful, but calm and comfortable. 

Pay attention to the Four B’s: bath, brush, book, bed 

By following these four steps, you can more easily define what it is your child should always be doing before bed. Keep bath time fun, ensure your child is brushing their teeth, spend quality time together by reading a book, and finally, sleep time! 

Comfort is key 

Every child is obviously unique and certain things work for them versus others, so pay attention to this, and don’t be afraid of trial and error. Whether they like their green and blue pajamas best, or always having Dolly the Walrus next to them in bed, whatever keeps them comfortable is what will ensure a good night’s rest. 

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