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Ideas for Celebrating Pizza Week With Your Preschooler

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Even if you don’t celebrate pizza week, it still comes around every year! And millions of families use the occasion to bond over a special shared meal. Here are a few things you can do to celebrate this momentous occasion with your preschooler. 

Prepare A Special Pizza Meal

For Your Preschooler – Who said pizza night has to be served on its own? Make something special for your preschoolers by preparing their favorite foods and combining it with a slice of delicious pizza. Throw in some chicken nuggets, fruit slices, and/or veggies sticks into their plates, and use the opportunity to teach them about balancing the types of foods they eat. Since pizza is high in carbohydrates, it will digest easier if you eat highly viscous soluble fibers beforehand, so break out the apples, carrots, and broccoli as well! 

Head To The Store 

When else do you get to take your preschooler on a pizza ingredient shopping spree? Take them to their favorite store for supplies like cheese, sauce, and whatever topping combination they decide on… it can be an exciting experience, especially if your preschooler is small enough to fit in the grocery cart seat! Let your child experience the unique smells and sights of their surroundings, and use the ingredient hunt as an opportunity to recognize the importance of nutrition.

The best thing about pizza week is that it’s seven days long. So use every day this year as an opportunity to bring the family together over a shared passion for pizza. 

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