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Las Vegas Child Day Care: Brain Games and other Early Activities for Your Child


During a child’s first five years, the brain develops at a phenomenal rate. It is crucial that a child is stimulated to maximize early learning potential. During these beginning years, a child’s brain is similar to a sponge, absorbing all stimuli, while observing and processing surrounding environmental cues. Also, neural-pathways are developed for expressing emotions, assimilating language, socialization, and physical skills This is why it is essential to choose the best childcare provider available to support early brain development and give your infant a head start for future success

These early years are when cognitive connections continue to form, and the experiences and interactions your child encounters will determine which brain cells are activated and which atrophy from a lack of stimulation. A child’s early learning environment has a life-long impact on brain development and future academic success.

Education starts from infancy, and that is why it is important your child’s day care or preschool has the curriculum and a trained professional staff to encourage early brain development. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson / Silverado Ranch, we ensure that your child receives the proper education and stimulation needed to maximize learning potential.

Our classrooms offer learning stations, allowing every child to explore the expanding world using all five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Each station is filled with science elements, math manipulatives, and visuals that will stimulate the brain. We know that each child is unique, which is reflected by our individualized curriculum.

For more information about the Learning Academy or our acclaimed early learning curriculum, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Henderson / Silverado Ranch today.