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Mom viewing day care online with computer
Access is always available for parents and grandparents to observe their child’s daily activities at school by viewing a password-secured site.

Our school provides parents and family members the ability to view their child’s classroom real-time via a secure Internet connection at no additional charge!  You can utilize any computer with an Internet connection and we also offer a Mobile App.

Existing parents can login or new parents can register at our secure login page using the button below.

Watch Me Grow Login/Register

Learn more about Watch Me Grow at Kids 'R' Kids:

Our online video system was developed specifically to provide secure remote video viewing for childcare centers and we take the following steps to maintain a safe and secure online environment:

  •  Center Approved Account Authorization
  •  Restricted User Access (Only view your child’s classroom)
  •  Unique Usernames and Passwords
  •  Automatic Logoff / System “Time-Out”
  •  SSL Encryption
  •  Reporting
  •  3rd Party Verified

Furthermore, we now offer a mobile app for iPhones and Android Devices that allows viewing via your mobile device (normal data rates apply according to your cellular provider).  Go to the app store and search for Watch Me Grow and download the app for free! Or use the links below: