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Jenni S.

“My boys loved and are loved by everyone here. I’m a lucky parent.”

Jackie M.

“Kids R Kids Greensboro Regency Rd is the BEST Daycare in the Triad Area! I love the staff and they truly care for your children. All 3 of my little joys have gone here and I wouldn’t choose any other place!”

Annette M.

“What a beautiful center. Lots of smiling faces and caring hands. How wonderful to be able to watch you children all day no matter where you are.”

H Neubauer

“All 3 of my children have attended this center. I could not say enough about this school. The teachers are so loving and caring. I felt so safe in leaving my children there every day. They were in such tender loving care. They make sure your child is ready for Kindergarten. My oldest is doing so well in school now because of the learning enviroment she had at Kids R Kids Regency. I give this school two thumbs up.”

J. Finer

“I have 3 of my children enrolled. When I had my first baby I had her in another day care and I was not happy with the experience. A co-worker suggested I look at Kids R Kids, which is where she had her child. I ultimately enrolled 6 month old at Kids R Kids in the infant room. My concerns about day care were erased. A wonderful teacher by the name of Ms. Margi took a liking to my baby and made sure she was well taken care of and I was well informed on her care. I was so pleased with the nurturing that when I had my other 2 children I enrolled them as well. I now have a 5 year old in the afterschool program, a three year old and 1 year old at the program. I was amazed at how well prepared my 5 year old was for kindergarten. She is well above her peers in kindergarten academically due to the instruction she got in her preschool classes despite being one of the younger children in her class. I owe this to Kids R Kids.”