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Back-to-School Tips for Your Preschooler

Back-to-School Tips for Your Preschooler at Kids 'R' Kids Greenwood, preschool, daycare, childcare

Ready or not, summer is nearing its end. Though the days will soon seem shorter, the excitement of a new year of preschool is on its way. Here are a few tips to help your preschooler in this transition. Whether your preschooler is attending school for the first time, or if your preschooler already has school experience, each can benefit from a few back-to-school tips.

Ask your local librarian for back-to-school book recommendations. 

Children’s books can be beneficial to help your preschooler see what is ahead for the coming school year. Though some books are geared for starting kindergarten, there are also books for starting the preschool school year. One example is “Preschool, Here I Come!” by D.J. Steinberg.

Allow opportunities for question and answer.

This may include you talking to your child about what is up and coming with the preschool year. It may also be an opportunity for your child to meet the new teacher and ask the teacher any questions directly.

Take your preschooler on a tour.

If your child is new to preschool, it will be helpful for your child to see the new school and classroom before the new year starts. If your child has attended this preschool before, it may still help your child to see the new classroom, as compared to the previous year. 

Role play with your preschooler.

If there is a particular area in which your child is concerned or fearful, take time to roleplay strategies for problem-solving.

Make back-to-school supply shopping enjoyable.

Allow your child the opportunity to help with the school supplies choices. Whether color or style, allowing your preschooler to help in the process will help to bring excitement for the new school year. 

Before you know it, the school year will be here! Hopefully these tips will help smooth out some of the back-to-school preparations.

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