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Starting Your Back-to-Preschool Routine

Starting Your Back-to-Preschool Routine at Kids 'R' Kids Greatwood, preschool, daycare, childcare

Returning to preschool can be difficult for your little one.  Luckily, getting back into a routine will help ease them into another successful year as a preschooler.  

Start Early

Summertime means a more relaxed schedule and routine for most families.  This most likely means your preschooler is staying up later and waking up later in the morning.  The back-to-preschool transition will be easier on both you and your preschooler if you start a stricter routine at least two weeks prior to their first day of preschool.  Decide on a bedtime and wake time that works best for your family and provides your preschooler with plenty of sleep and time in the morning to not feel rushed.  

Prepare at Night

An evening routine in which your preschooler helps pack his lunch, set out clothing for the next day, and pack his backpack is a great way to end the day and build responsibility in your preschooler.  Once these simple chores are complete, move into a relaxing and calm bedtime routine.  This can be your usual routine.  A bedtime routine may include a bath, talk time with your preschooler to express any feelings or anxieties he may have, and a bedtime story.    

Allow Plenty of Morning Time

Mornings are rushed for a lot of families, so allow plenty of time for those mishaps or for your preschooler to wake up grumpy.  A morning routine needs to be calm so your preschooler doesn’t start his day off stressed because of the hectic morning.  A healthy breakfast is a must in the morning routine!  Ideally, eat breakfast with your preschooler.  If that is not possible, talk to him while he is eating and you finish preparing for the day.  

Back-to-preschool time does not have to be stress filled and can be accomplished without a tearful and anxious preschooler.  Through a little preparation and a good routine, you can be confident your preschooler will have a smooth transition back into preschool.

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