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Helping Your Preschooler with Separation Anxiety

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While your preschooler clings to your leg and begins to cry as you drop them off at daycare, you may start to wonder how to make them feel better about the separation situation. Since many children exhibit signs of separation anxiety, know you are not alone in your efforts to make separation easier for them! Still, if you find yourself struggling to find ways to keep them calm while letting them go, here are a few ideas to help your preschooler enter any new situation in peace.

Talk Through the Situation 

Often times, you will know what situations will require you to separate from your preschooler to leave them by themselves. Since many instances of separation anxiety spark from the stress your child feels when entering new environments without you, talk through what is going to happen before hand. Let them know you will only be leaving them for a short period of time and will be back before they know it! If you can, slowly start to introduce separation into their lives so they will feel relaxed when the time comes to truly separate!

Remain Positive 

We sometimes forget as parents how difficult separation anxiety can be on both the child and the parent. While you may want to mimic your preschooler’s anxiety, try your best to remain smiling and calm. Give them all the love you can as you drop them off so they will know this new environment is not as bad as it may seem without you by their side. If you stay calm, slowly your preschooler will model your own behavior!

Leave Without Causing a Scene 

The last thing you want to do is cause your preschooler more anxiety by causing a scene as you leave. You do not want to make your preschooler overly emotional by sneaking out and leaving without a goodbye. On the other hand, you may want to give them copious amounts of affection, but this will only leave your preschooler worse for wear. Instead, keep your emotions calm, give your preschooler a simple hug goodbye, and leave without looking back. We know this can be the hardest part for both you and your preschooler, but if you stick with this routine, they will have less trouble separating in the future!

We know separation anxiety can be extremely difficult for both you and your preschooler to go through. If you follow these steps, you will be one step closer to separating from your preschooler without the stress!

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