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Parent Testimonials

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Erin and Erick Stallings

Leaving your children in the care of others can be very stressful and Luma and her team (Alexis, Elora, and Jen) make everything so easy and smooth for everyone. It really feels like we are working as a team with the teachers and I know they have true care and affection my daughters. This isn’t the case for all rooms and I simply want to let you both know how much we appreciate Luma and the other teachers.

All of your staff is wonderful, but I have to say that Miss Luma especially goes above and beyond what I could have expected from Aubri’s teacher. Just this morning Aubri was having a difficult time with me leaving, and let me tell you that EVERYONE in the building could hear her crying. It was tough. But, in true Miss Luma fashion, she took the time to call me 5 minutes after I had left to tell me that little Aubri was doing just fine. It’s that personal touch Miss Luma provides that gives me the confidence that my girls are in great hands.

It’s difficult being a working mom. And at times others will try to put guilt and shame on me, saying that I’m not “spending these precious years” with my kids. And how could I let a stranger take care of my children? But you know what? Those comments don’t matter when you know your children are being cared for so well.

Stacey and Mark Vigue

Our son Owen recently moved up to Ms. McKenzie’s class.  I wanted to reach out to let you know how much we loved the Nursery teachers.  The art work every week and the almost daily Facebook posts were so appreciated.  Owen’s face would light up every morning he saw Ms. Lis.  We always refer to her as “School Mom”.  Ms. Lis helped him advance and grow so much quicker than we could on our own.  On days that I was concerned about how Owen was doing, Lis would make sure to send me messages letting me know that all was well.  Carolyn, Maria and Vicki are wonderful as well.  Each one of them had a special connection with Owen (especially Vicki).  Even after Owen moved classes, Ms. Vicki still runs to the door to give Owen hugs and kisses when she sees him.  He loves Ms. Vicki 🙂  The Nursery has a very special group of women who teach and love with all their hearts.

Samantha Addison

I seriously cannot say enough great things about Ms. Kathy and Mr. Derek. They are both so amazing, and they both care so much about Owen. I just adore them both! I am SO thankful that Owen is in their class because I’ve seen him grow so much over the last year into such a big boy who LOVES coming to school! He literally asks me every day if we’re going to school, and I see his face light up when I tell him “yes.”

Chloe's Mom

Chloe has enjoyed her time at your preschool very much. My husband and I have been impressed with your caring, nurturing and professional approach to childcare. We’d like to appreciate all the support and help from teachers and staffs. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our daughter feel welcomed, loved and safe.

Avery Tucker Fontaine

Deepest thanks for Miss Erika, Miss Sonja, Miss Diana and the entire two year old staff.  Every day they wrangle meaning and structure out of chaos.  Even if I was a stay at home Mom, I’m not qualified to give Pierce all he needs at this age.   We are so grateful to East Roswell and these ladies.   Their approach, great attitudes and classroom structure remind me every morning that it takes very special people to teach toddlers well.

Pierce is thriving, loving his friends and in potty training mode.   When he’s not at school he’s singing songs he’s learned, repeating phrases and speaking in full sentences.   And he’s also getting the context correct – like after a particularly long and boring family wedding over the holidays, we got in the car and Pierce said “Great job, guys!”    One of my other favorites is when he sits criss-cross applesauce and imitates one of the teachers by saying “Soooo…today we’re going to learn numbers, children”.    Cracks me up.

He would not be as observant, involved, loving learning and excited to go to school without this specific group of teachers and their methods.

Cristi Holcombe

Hayden is in the Trainers class with Ms. Luma and her wonderful assistants. I wanted to personally write you and tell you that we have been so pleased with Hayden’s experience so far at KRK. Hayden was previously at the Children’s Ark Academy and we loved it at first but as soon as she transitioned out of the nursery we were very dissatisfied with her level of care. We were anxious but hesitant to make a change because we know it can be a difficult transition at her age. We are so very happy we have made the change though! Hayden truly is a different child when she gets home in the evenings. She is pleasant and such a joy to be around. She has gone from crying constantly to being a fun and spirited little girl! She was always like this on the weekends with us but we dreaded the week and what it would bring. We absolutely love Hayden’s teachers too. And so does Hayden! Ms. Luma could not be a better fit for Hayden. I feel so at ease when I drop Hayden off. We feel like she is thriving tremendously all in part to Ms. Luma and your wonderful staff. As soon as we get out of the car Hayden starts saying “uma! uma!” because she is so excited to see her every day. I can’t tear her away from Ms. Luma once we get into the class. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful place for our child. I only wish we had made the change sooner! We are hopeful we can get Chase into special Enriched pre-k soon too. Hoping there is a change up that will allow an opening.

Jill Hoffman

I wanted to drop you a quick note in praise of Lauren in Gwen’s class. She really is a dedicated and wonderful teacher. I am so pleased that she pays special attention to Gwen (and all the kids!), and she often suggests specific things pertaining to Gwen’s development that can help me at home. She seems to be putting even more of herself into her work these days, and I wanted to let you know that her continued efforts to look over Gwen and the other kids are very appreciated.

A Parent

“I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we are so pleased with the care our son gets while at school each day. It is reassuring knowing he is in good hands while he is away from us for long work days. This is his 3rd classroom since starting and we have loved them all. I have been particularly pleased with the low turnover in his current room (pre-primary A) – it is so nice seeing the same faces every day when we drop him off and pick him up since a trusting relationship with the teachers provides so much comfort. We love Ms. Rachel, Ms. Zeina, Ms BeBe, Ms. Love, and Ms. Destiny so much!!”

Erin Nieto

Our son Emerson started at KidsRKids in May of this year. Prior, he had stayed home with either my husband or my Mother-in-Law, but felt as he was getting older he needed more social opportunities and more education. We went to many different daycare facilities, but felt most connected with your facility. The day that Emerson started I was so worried and nervous, but could feel the love and support from Ms. Luma and Ms. Wilma as my husband and I dropped him off. From that moment on, I continued to feel like our son was an important part of their classroom and their lives. I felt relief knowing that when I dropped him off that he would be well taken care. I felt that Ms. Luma and the rest of the teachers went above and beyond to keep me updated on his day and how he was doing overall. I knew we had found the right place when he excitedly ran into Ms. Luma’s arms when we would drop him off. As the year was coming to an end, I found myself sad about Emerson not being a part of this classroom, but knew that these teachers had a new bunch of little ones that they got to love, care for, and teach. You have four really amazing teachers in that classroom and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know. I feel lucky that Emerson started his schooling experience in the Trainers classroom and with these teachers.”

Lindsay Peed

“I would like to recognize the teachers in the Early Learners classroom. They are awesome teachers that truly understand the needs and care required of 2-3-year-olds. I have to give them complete credit for potty training both of my girls!”

Andy & Jessica K.

“It is very exciting to hear about all the changes and progress the school is making to continue to strive for both academic excellence and overall quality of resources and amenities around the campus. We are constantly telling people all about KRK East Roswell, so please know that your investments in our children are being passed forward with positive word of mouth, which hopefully leads to referrals.”

Jen & Ryan Hartwig

“To have a place where you feel so comfortable leaving your children is truly a gift – you have alleviated a lot of this mom’s guilt, and I can’t thank you enough for caring for my children (and I truly mean caring for – they weren’t just kept safe, they were CARED FOR). We are so thankful that we found KRK and that our children were able to grow there.”

Beth Gupta

“This is a very special place, and I hope you can fully understand the gravity and impact that your directorship and your teachers have on the little lives that take root there, and the parents’ lives too. The first school setting is something a parent never forgets, and I am so glad to have had your school be the beginning of Tej’s education, for SO many reasons.”

Monica Gentzschein

“As the summer is coming to an end, I wanted to take a moment to write you a note to commend the fabulous teachers that my kids had this last year for their work and care of my kids. I especially want to recognize the teachers in the Walkers and Talkers class. We are always greeted with a friendly smile and Emilia truly looks forward to spending her day with her Walkers and Talkers teachers every day. We love seeing all of the pictures of the fun activities that the teachers plan for the kids during the day. We are looking forward to another great year for Emilia at Kids r Kids in her new classroom. Thomas has thrived on the Creators class. He has gained a lot of confidence this last year and we credit Ms. Paige and the other teachers in his class for helping him come out of his shell. He LOVES Ms. Paige and the other teachers that help make Creators a special class. He will miss Kids r Kids very much this school year.”

The Freedman Family

I had a conversation with Ms. Erica the other day and we thought you should hear about it too. I’m changing schools next year. I’m returning to AJA (pending contract negotiation) after being away for two years. When Matthew was born and I returned to work, he came with me and stayed in the baby room at the school. He was well cared for and I loved his teachers then. It helped to have him close by while he was nursing. When I left, I took him with me. The tuition was high and given the current climate with their new administration I didn’t want him to stay there. My husband and I chose KRK after considering three other schools. We love it. He’s happy. He’s thriving. When I decided to return to the school (new administration, new classroom teaching situation), Aaron and I knew Matthew would remain at KRK because we wanted him to continue in an environment where he knew everyone, he was comfortable, and he was learning. The teachers have everything to do with that. They are an incredible team of educators. They are part of our family’s “village”. Thank you from all of us!

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