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Parent Testimonials

Hear What Parents Have To Say!

Erin Nieto

Our son Emerson started at KidsRKids in May of this year. Prior, he had stayed home with either my husband or my Mother-in-Law, but felt as he was getting older he needed more social opportunities and more education. We went to many different daycare facilities, but felt most connected with your facility. The day that Emerson started I was so worried and nervous, but could feel the love and support from Ms. Luma and Ms. Wilma as my husband and I dropped him off. From that moment on, I continued to feel like our son was an important part of their classroom and their lives. I felt relief knowing that when I dropped him off that he would be well taken care. I felt that Ms. Luma and the rest of the teachers went above and beyond to keep me updated on his day and how he was doing overall. I knew we had found the right place when he excitedly ran into Ms. Luma’s arms when we would drop him off. As the year was coming to an end, I found myself sad about Emerson not being a part of this classroom, but knew that these teachers had a new bunch of little ones that they got to love, care for, and teach. You have four really amazing teachers in that classroom and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know. I feel lucky that Emerson started his schooling experience in the Trainers classroom and with these teachers.”

Lindsay Peed

“I would like to recognize the teachers in the Early Learners classroom. They are awesome teachers that truly understand the needs and care required of 2-3-year-olds. I have to give them complete credit for potty training both of my girls!”

Andy & Jessica K.

“It is very exciting to hear about all the changes and progress the school is making to continue to strive for both academic excellence and overall quality of resources and amenities around the campus. We are constantly telling people all about KRK East Roswell, so please know that your investments in our children are being passed forward with positive word of mouth, which hopefully leads to referrals.”

Jen & Ryan Hartwig

“To have a place where you feel so comfortable leaving your children is truly a gift – you have alleviated a lot of this mom’s guilt, and I can’t thank you enough for caring for my children (and I truly mean caring for – they weren’t just kept safe, they were CARED FOR). We are so thankful that we found KRK and that our children were able to grow there.”

Beth Gupta

“This is a very special place, and I hope you can fully understand the gravity and impact that your directorship and your teachers have on the little lives that take root there, and the parents’ lives too. The first school setting is something a parent never forgets, and I am so glad to have had your school be the beginning of Tej’s education, for SO many reasons.”

Monica Gentzschein

“As the summer is coming to an end, I wanted to take a moment to write you a note to commend the fabulous teachers that my kids had this last year for their work and care of my kids. I especially want to recognize the teachers in the Walkers and Talkers class. We are always greeted with a friendly smile and Emilia truly looks forward to spending her day with her Walkers and Talkers teachers every day. We love seeing all of the pictures of the fun activities that the teachers plan for the kids during the day. We are looking forward to another great year for Emilia at Kids r Kids in her new classroom. Thomas has thrived on the Creators class. He has gained a lot of confidence this last year and we credit Ms. Paige and the other teachers in his class for helping him come out of his shell. He LOVES Ms. Paige and the other teachers that help make Creators a special class. He will miss Kids r Kids very much this school year.”

The Freedman Family

I had a conversation with Ms. Erica the other day and we thought you should hear about it too. I’m changing schools next year. I’m returning to AJA (pending contract negotiation) after being away for two years. When Matthew was born and I returned to work, he came with me and stayed in the baby room at the school. He was well cared for and I loved his teachers then. It helped to have him close by while he was nursing. When I left, I took him with me. The tuition was high and given the current climate with their new administration I didn’t want him to stay there. My husband and I chose KRK after considering three other schools. We love it. He’s happy. He’s thriving. When I decided to return to the school (new administration, new classroom teaching situation), Aaron and I knew Matthew would remain at KRK because we wanted him to continue in an environment where he knew everyone, he was comfortable, and he was learning. The teachers have everything to do with that. They are an incredible team of educators. They are part of our family’s “village”. Thank you from all of us!