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At no other stage of life does learning occur so rapidly. Find comfort knowing your child is in the right place at the right time!

Available to children as young as six weeks old

The Kids ‘R’ Kids Infant Program has been carefully designed to deliver a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment with activities to help your child achieve important milestones while having fun!

Every day reveals an exciting new world for your baby. Learning and development starts long before birth and accelerates rapidly afterwards. Therefore, infants must continually build knowledge and connect new ideas to what they already know and do.

Our Big Steps Curriculum® for infants nurtures and supports the development of abilities that your baby needs to succeed in learning, literacy, and life.

What We Provide Our Youngest Learners

  • A Comforting Place that focuses on love and trust
  • Sign Language techniques to maximize communication skills
  • Daily Exercises and activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • Daily Reports and Weekly Lesson Plans to keep you informed of your child’s development
  • A private Facebook group to share photos and updates about the activities in which your child is participating throughout the day

Key Features of Our Infant Childcare Program

At East Roswell Preschool, our youngest learners benefit from an engaging curriculum that sets them up for a lifetime of success! The interactive activities, nurturing teachers, and secure facility provide the perfect atmosphere for growth and development.

Every activity we do in our Infant-Toddler program is designed to help your child achieve new developmental milestones while still having fun. We understand how imperative it is to make sure babies feel loved and nurtured during their time with us. Our professional, highly trained teachers are experts at snuggling, singing, reading and giggling with our littlest learners. And don’t worry – we always make time for Tummy Time!

Our school-wide focus on early literacy and language acquisition begins in the Nursery. We begin teaching baby sign language to give our infants a method of communication before vocal skills develop. Teachers frequently read books to children, emphasizing the importance of positive interaction between children and adults and developing a love of reading. Teachers constantly talk to the babies, giving them new vocabulary. Infants listen and eventually try to repeat words they hear in the classroom. Printed words are introduced throughout the Nursery, introducing the children to the concept of letters.

Knowing your baby is safe is crucial to your peace of mind


  • Clean Classrooms: Include a personal place for your child’s belongings, disinfected toys and play areas, and child-sized sinks for washing hands
  • Certified Teachers in: Infant/Child and Adult CPR, and First Aid
  • Glass Walls: Unlike typical day care centers or childcare providers, our classrooms feature tempered glass walls for maximum visibility and safety. This promotes an open, bright atmosphere, as well as a clean environment
  • Monitoring for Choking Hazards: We ensure every item your child interacts with meets safety standards to prevent choking
  • Regular Drills for: Tornado, fire, hurricane and school lock-down
Secure environments put the focus where it belongs…on your baby


  • Electronic Security: Coded entry so only authorized visitors may enter the facility
  • Hiring Process: All staff undergo extensive state-mandated background checks
  • Front Desk: Our front desk is always staffed so that a watchful eye is supervising the facility, ensuring authorized entries only
  • Security Cameras: Every classroom in our facility has security cameras that are monitored at the front desk. The owners and staff can easily observe classroom activities throughout each day. Families can login to a secure, password-protected website to check in on your child periodically
Proper nutrition serves as fuel for growing bodies AND minds


  • Bottle-fed babies are held and rocked by our staff while promoting language with mimicking sounds
  • Babies eating cereal or jar foods are buckled securely in high chairs while our staff sits at eye-level for meal time
  • A cheerful voice is used to encourage your infant to eat
  • Simple stories are told during mealtimes
  • Infants are encouraged to grasp their own bottle once they reach this milestone. Our staff never props a bottle for feedings
  • Infants are encouraged to wipe or wash their hands with assistance at the sink.
  • Each family is required to complete and update an infant feeding plan. This plan ensures our staff completely understands your child’s specific diet and meal times
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Daily Activities in our Infant Childcare Program

While at Kids ‘R’ Kids, your infant will engage in activities designed to shape and advance the many aspects of their being. Our whole-child approach is guaranteed to ensure your baby grows into a happy, healthy and engaged child. Our program taps into your baby’s natural curiosity and enhances his or her growth through actions designed to encourage Brain, Social, Emotional, Physical and Behavioral Development; and while aiding communication, language and literacy.

Expand your baby’s mind infinitely

Brain Development

Our Infant Childcare Program is designed to engage infants and provide each one with the stimulation that is so crucial for early brain development. Our teachers ensure that your child:

  • Responds to music and experiments with vocalization and sounds
  • Explores simple art materials and shows preference for visuals
  • Shows interest in rhymes, finger plays and stories with props
We focus on the WHOLE child – heart and souL

Social & Emotional Development

We provide every child with a nurturing experience that not only caters to their emotional needs but also enhances their ability to create healthy bonds with family members and caregivers. Our teachers observe to see if your child:

  • Responds to their image and name
  • Makes sounds, facial expressions or body movements to express simple emotions of contentment or discontentment
  • Responds to negative and positive reactions and observes peers who are experiencing a need or discomfort
We provide an atmosphere where your baby can thrive

Physical & Behavioral Development

Our infant care program provides learning centers equipped with educational and developmentally-appropriate toys and activities designed to promote learning in a fun and exciting environment. Expanding the imagination and strengthening the muscles is a big part of our program, so we ensure that your child:

  • Initiates active play and engages in some physical activity
  • Responds to what they hear, see, touch, taste and smell
  • Demonstrates beginning coordination and balance, often with support
  • Selects an item of interest by pointing and/or reaching for objects
  • Examines a toy, rattle, or object for a brief period
  • Repeats actions to make something happen again
The art of expression is vital to your baby’s developmental growth

Communication, Language & Literacy

Our teachers constantly monitor your child for the beginning steps of communication by observing if they are:

  • Responding to simple direction, words, phrases and familiar people
  • Communicating feelings through facial expressions
  • Showing interest in books and reaching for books to explore through touch

Our exclusive BIG STEPS CURRICULUM® for Infants

The Big Steps Curriculum® for infants enhanced by our Brain Waves® Curriculum, considers that development and learning begin prenatally and continue throughout life. Young infants are immersed in a curriculum that invites and promotes multiple opportunities for motor and sensory activities. Their cognitive skills are developed through planned activities that invite them to interact with the environment while demonstrating eagerness, curiosity, persistence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Literacy and language development are also carefully nurtured.