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Mother’s Day

Let’s face it…without mothers, we wouldn’t exist. However, not all moms in our lives are those that gave us life.

Some of us were raised by our grandparents and some by other members of our families, like aunts and uncles or older brothers and sisters.

Some of us don’t even know our biological mom or dad and were raised by those that adopted you into their family and became your parents.

Whatever the case, a mom comes to us in all forms, fashions, and genders.

The concept of “mom” embodies that person who provides us with the essentials to life and so much more. Not only do they feed, bathe, clothe, give us care and a place to sleep; the emotional support they provide is what keeps us ticking.

When we all eventually face the struggles of life, whether that be a bully in school or needed advice for a relationship, or even a call on how to wash your first load of laundry on your own, moms tend to have the answers, or talk us through to the answer we feel fits best for our situation.

And no matter where they are, they will always be our mom. They still worry about us, even when we become parents ourselves. They will call to be sure we are eating and getting enough rest, even when we may have a child who is 27. But, don’t we love being loved!

Whether you’re a mom or are still being smothered by your own mom, take a moment to enjoy it- it is the greatest gift ever!