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Our Programs

Kids ‘R’ Kids provides an accredited program, advanced curriculum, unique features and a variety of advantages for your child.

Innovative Programs for Children Six Weeks through 5 Years of Age

Kids ‘R’ Kids offers a wide variety of child care and early education programs that combine age-appropriate, educational activities with a safe and caring atmosphere, to prepare your child for that next step in life and learning.

Our Infant Childcare Program is available to children beginning at 6 weeks old and provides your infant with playful activities based on lesson plans from our Big Steps Curriculum® for infants. Activities include sign language, sensory play, art and music along with read-aloud books.

Our Toddler Childcare Program is available to children beginning at 12 months old. It provides your child with engaging activities through structured learning plans from our Big Steps Toddler Curriculum® that focus on developing your child’s preliteracy skills. The program incorporates activities such as sign language, reading books, puppet play, music, singing, games, and conversation with peers and teachers.

Our Preschool Childcare Program is available to children beginning at 3 years old. We prepare your child for the social and educational challenges that come with our prekindergarten program. Our standards-based Fast Track Curriculum® for preschoolers is divided into short, theme-based units. This age group also has opportunities to excel using hands-on experiences and critical thinking skills with our Brain Waves® Curriculum and STEAM Ahead® Curriculum, where activities used alongside our core curriculum support language, social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development during these crucial years of learning. STEAM is often used in conjunction with our core curriculum to include meaningful work in the subject areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Our Prekindergarten Childcare Program is offered at our sister school, Kids ‘R’ Kids Sprayberry Academy, to children beginning at 4 years old and prepares your child for the first steps into kindergarten. Literacy and writing skills, among many other subjects, are covered in our exclusive core curriculum. Each student has opportunities to learn using hands-on experiences and critical thinking skills with our innovative STEAM Ahead® and Brain Waves® curricula.

Susan, Nicole and Stacy

“My twins are unique, and Kids ‘R’ Kids adapted programs to meet their needs.”