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With the return to a school routine and the busyness of fall activities, it can be easy for parents to rarely see their kids! Yet, it’s important for parents to spend quality time with their children when they get the chance. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we
applaud every parent who makes an effort to be present. We know it isn’t always easy, yet the efforts made by parents to connect
with their children will go a long way into developing healthy, secure, and contributing members of society.

While it may seem that moms spend most of the time with children, a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicated an increase in the number of stay-at-home dads. The role a father plays in a child’s life is irreplaceable and spending time with your children, as a father figure, can do a lot to build a child’s self-esteem. Despite living in a culture that equates busyness with success, we fully support and encourage dads who take the time to slow down and get to know their children! That’s why we put together a list of “Daddy Date” activities, to assist you in creating memories and bonds that will last a lifetime.

We encourage dads and children to choose from this list or adapt these ideas in a way that would mean something special for your own family.
1. Go on a bike ride.
2. Have a water gun fight in your backyard.
3. Go on a mini-golf adventure.
4. Go to a nearby ice cream shop and enjoy a sweet treat.
5. Wash the car together.
6. Bake cookies together.
7. Have a picnic at a nearby park.
8. Pick out presents for each other at the dollar store.
9. Go bowling.
10. Pick up a book from the public library and read it together.

Every day is an opportunity to make a memory, large or small. Every act of intentionality with your kids goes a long way in shaping them into confident, successful, and thoughtful adults.