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Encouraging Your Preschooler’s Positive Thinking

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Did you know the way a child thinks shapes their brain? To create more positive brain pathways, it’s important for parents to cultivate positive thinking in their kids. Here are three ways:

 1. Pay attention to your child “at play.” 

Preschoolers use play to explore their world, test its bounds, and discover their strengths. They put on capes and imagine themselves as the hero. Or, they run to see how far they can go. They bounce a ball to see how hard it will rebound. Never miss an opportunity to notice and affirm your child when they say, “Are you watching me, Mom?” or “Look how high I can jump, Dad!” When you notice and affirm your preschooler, they gain confidence to try new things. 

2. Don’t dismiss your child’s fears. 

When your son says (even though he’s had swimming lessons) he’s afraid to go into the deep end, or your daughter says she’s not sure she can walk across the balance beam, listen. Then ask what they think they can do to be ready to “go into the deep end” or “walk across the beam.” Have them imagine what it would be like to not sink or fall. Be willing to be in the water with him or hold her hand the first time she crosses the beam. Encourage them in the “small steps” and they’ll eventually gain confidence to take bigger steps. 

3. Give your child the freedom to fail. 

If you want your child to confidently try new things, show them that not being able to do something well the first time is okay. Sometimes failure shows kids they need to work harder to master a skill. Other times, it points them to a new path. Either way, failure can be positive when it enables a child to more fully discover who they are.   

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