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Setting Goals with Your Preschooler

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As your preschooler moves through their beginning school years and time at daycare, there may be certain obstacles your child will face. One method to easing your preschooler into these new environments and learning situations is to set different goals! Since goals can often be hard even for adults to achieve, here are some different ways to help set goals with your preschooler. 

Start Small 

Giving your preschooler a giant list of goals to conquer all by themselves by the year’s end can be quite confusing for them. Instead, sit down and create small goals with them so they will not feel alone in their efforts. Additionally, make sure the goals you create alongside your preschooler are measurable and have steps that will be easy for them to follow. If your preschooler is able to see some progress as they move toward their goal, they will be much more motivated to work toward the goals the two of you have established!

Be a Model for Them

Often the best method for setting goals for your preschooler and helping them through the process is by keeping yourself accountable to your own goals. By modeling the ups and downs as you proceed toward your goal and setting realistic steps for yourself, you can use each step as a learning tool for both you and your preschooler. If you succeed and set good goals for yourself, your preschooler is all the more likely to follow you in the process!

Have a Positive Mindset 

As your preschooler works toward their goal they will probably stumble a few times as they go along. Try to maintain a positive mindset through their missteps! Remind them that the goal is still within their grasp, they simply need to dust themselves off and get back on track. Again, these accidents are simply learning experiences and will only strengthen their commitment to their goals.

With these few ideas, helping your child establish their goals will happen effortlessly as they move through the goal process. Just remember, when your preschooler seems to have given up just add a little more motivation and you will be right back on track!

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