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Elementary School Virtual Learning Support

A safe, smart, and fun program to help your elementary school student succeed!

Whether you work full time and need childcare, or just need help managing your child's elementary school virtual program, Kids R Kids is here to help!
  • Limited Spaces for 1st – 5th Graders
  • Engaged Learning Coaches to Oversee the Classroom
  • Full After School Program with Activity Clubs   
  • Meals and Snacks
Part Day Program: 8AM to 2:30PM

For parents who do not need full-day childcare for their elementary school student, we are offering a part-day program during which time your children will be in a classroom environment working through their Elementary School’s daily virtual learning agenda.  Our Learning Coaches will help your children join their assigned on-line classes and sessions and help them track and complete their assignments.

Full Day Program: 7AM to 6PM

The full day program includes everything in the part-day program as well as before care and after school, which includes activity clubs. 

Why Kids R Kids is the perfect solution for your Virtual Student

As a licensed childcare center, we are uniquely qualified and highly versed in keeping kids safe, healthy, and having fun.  Most importantly, we know school agers!  We have decades of experience caring for school age children in our After School Program and Summer Camps.  We are accustomed to providing homework help and this is a natural extension to our regular school age programs.

Now Enrolling - Safe - Smart - Fun

What's Included

We Will Provide:

  • A clean, safe, supervised classroom environment in which all CDC guidelines are followed to maximize your children’s health
  • WiFi access to enable your children to join the on-line classes assigned to them by their elementary school
  • Learning Coaches who will help your children follow their on-line schedule and help them complete and turn in their assignments
  • An on-line assignment and progress tracker updated twice weekly to enable parents to monitor their children’s school work
  • A healthy lunch and morning snack (part day); hearty breakfast and afternoon snack (full day)
  • Full day – hearty breakfast (until 8AM), healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snack
  • Daily recess on our huge outdoor playground

Parents Must Provide:

  • Tablet, Chromebook, or laptop along with headphones to enable children to join their assigned on-line classes  
  • Children’s assigned virtual schedule along with any login or other information

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Our shared commitment to working with families makes us the smart choice for a smarter child.