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Welcome to Kids ‘R’ Kids Coles Crossing! Thank you for inquiry on our new Kids ‘R’ Kids facility in Coles Crossing. Located at 14050 Telge Road in Cypress, our facility offers parents a truly new and innovative concept in child care and preschool education. The center is owned by James and Allison Romo. The full time center offers the finest nursery available for children 6 weeks to 24 months and a full day/year round professional teaching staff for preschooler’s age 2 to 4 years. Our “Bridge Program” is designed for 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 years old to prepare them for their important school years ahead. We offer an extension school age program for before and after school, including transportation to and from 11 area public schools and planned activities with age appropriate grouping of Kindergarten to 2nd grade are our Juniors & 3rd to 5th grade are our Seniors. Parents are encouraged to visit the center and view their child’s classroom at any time. Education is a key priority at Kids ‘R’ Kids. We utilize educational programs designed around many accredited learning techniques and supported by our Kids ‘R’ Kids Program, all supervised by the center Director, Assistant Director and Owners. We use “Stations” activities for a higher level of hands-on learning, group, circle time and reading stations, as well as fun activity system. Kids ‘R’ Kids Coles Crossing is very active with local’s schools to ensure a well rounded preparation for your child’s entry into the public school system. *We Hold The Future!* *Hugged First, Then Taught*

Kids 'R' Kids Cafe'

All meals are prepared daily in a professional equipped commercial kitchen with nutritionally balance meals and planned by a professional cook. Our cook is certified by the Harris County Health Department. Special nutritional needs and allergies are monitored as needed. Breakfast is served from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM. Morning snack are served at 9:00 AM and afternoon snack is served at 2:00 PM. Infants and Toddlers get an additional snack at 4:00 PM. Lunch is served for all our age group followed by our schedule:

Suite 150 to Suite 350 Lunch is at 11:00 AM

Suite 400 to Suite 450 Lunch is at 11:30 AM

Suite 500 to Suite 550 Lunch is at 12:00 PM

School Age Children Lunch is at 12:30 Pm (If they are here with us all day)

*Children are welcome to bring their own snack or lunch from home.*