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Our School Age Program will be ready to support the changing new Wake County schedule for the coming school year and will have an online learning classroom with tutoring to support student learning. Click here to learn more!

Coronavirus Precaution

Keeping you informed


The safety and well-being of the children in our care, their families, and our staff are our highest priority and is at the core of our Kids ‘R’ Kids mission and policies. We have been the pioneers in providing the best in safety features and procedures, and we will continue to lead the way.

We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Public Health Departments, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Childcare Licensing, and state/local officials.

Providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children in our care and for your peace of mind.

What Is Being Done In Our Facility:

  • Individual HVAC units for classrooms
  • We use Antimicrobial Filters throughout our school, which are the same type of filters used in many hospitals and nuclear power plants. These filters eliminate 86% of all microorganisms in the air.
  • “Kiss and go drop off” protocols implemented at the front door – supporting minimal access to our school
  • Temperatures are taken twice a day
  • Continuous daytime cleaning and sanitation of high touchpoints objects and areas, with a thorough nightly deep cleaning

We are communicating with our enrolled families on our extensive coronavirus plan as well as encouraging individuals to keep up to date with reliable sources.

CDC / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Infections in children has been extremely low. More info.
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