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How to Celebrate Find a Rainbow Day With Your Preschooler

National Find a Rainbow Day is on April 3rd! You can search for and enjoy the beauty of the rainbow in nature. But what if the weather is not conducive to you and your preschooler finding a rainbow in the wild? We have some creative ideas to help you celebrate Find a Rainbow Day with your preschooler, no matter how the weather is!

Have a rainbow scavenger hunt

Help your preschooler collect items around the house in the colors of the rainbow. Together, lay them out in order to form the rainbow! For example, you can create your rainbow with a red towel, an orange toy, a yellow crayon, etc. 

Make a rainbow craft

If your preschooler needs some inspiration to get started, cut up some pieces of construction paper in all the colors of the rainbow and help your preschooler glue them into an outline to form a rainbow! 

Bake a rainbow treat

Some food coloring can turn plain vanilla cupcakes or sugar cookies into a rainbow feast. Your child will enjoy mixing up the colors in the batter, and they can learn about measuring and baking in the process! If you’re looking for an even more creative baked good, try cutting a bundt cake in half and turning it on its ends so that it sits up, forming the arch of the rainbow. It may get messy, but if you’re brave, you can mix up some icing of all different colors, and let your preschooler ice the rainbow cake!

No matter how you choose to celebrate Find A Rainbow Day with your preschooler, it’s sure to be a day full of fun, color, and creativity. So get out there, and explore the world of rainbows!

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