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How to Celebrate Pizza Week With Your Preschooler

It’s that time of year again: Pizza Week! And what better way to celebrate than with your preschooler? From making homemade pizza together to having a pizza party, there are plenty of ways you can get creative and have fun with the whole family. Here are just a couple ideas for celebrating Pizza Week with your preschoolers this year. 

Make Homemade Pizza Together 

One of the best activities during any holiday or celebration is cooking at home—especially when it comes to delicious food like pizza! Get all the ingredients ready ahead of time, then let your child explore dough-stretching and design their own creation with whatever topping combination they choose. Not only will you be teaching them important kitchen skills, but also giving them an opportunity for self-expression through artistry in food form! Plus, nothing beats a fresh slice from your own oven.

Have A Pizza Movie Night 

Is there anything better than cuddling up on the couch as a family while eating some pizza? Invite some friends over if you’d like – or call those distant relatives via face chat. Turn a fun family movie on before settling down; time will fly by as you talk about your favorite characters while eating your homemade pizza!

These are fun ways for preschoolers to celebrate Pizza Week with the family, but you can always come up with your own customized activities too! Get creative in the kitchen and embrace this yearly holiday with a smile and a slice!

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